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The Mole Man

My Mole Man

Got a mole?… Ring “my” mole man..

Call Paul on 07801 350298 or email

Many years ago chimney sweeps and mole catchers were part of the local community, but as with all things times changed. Gas fires were fitted instead of coal fires and with higher paying jobs in towns the role of mole catcher died out.

Only traditional methods used.

No Mole no fee

I am proud to say I am both a Chimney Sweep and a Traditional Mole Catcher working in the Lutterworth area.

Originally self taught (well, with a lot of guidance from the local country man), I have had many years successful mole trapping.

mole trapping.

I only use traditional methods for trapping and do not use gasses or poisons.

Fortunately times are changing again. Wood burning stoves are now a viable alternative to oil and gas heating, and the mole population has largely increased since the Foot & Mouth outbreak in 2001.

With the banning of Strychnine in 2006 the population is still rising.

My mole man will find me in farmland, recreational  areas and gardens. Please ring for pricing.